NO MORE ANXIETY!? CBD Oil Experience

NUTRAHEMP CBD I absolutely ADORE this CBD oil. #nutrahemp #notsponsored For months I’ve been searching for a CBD that actually has calming effects on …


  1. Ordered nutrahemp online over a week ago and never received an email notifying me that my purchase had been shipped. I've tried contacting customer service through email & their website with no response. I even tried calling & was told that the call cannot compete as dialed because the party is unavailable. I was really looking forward to trying this product; disappointed & not impressed to say the least. I attempted to leave a review but the website denied my response (lol scam much?) Has this happened to anyone else????

  2. Hi meagan can i ask you something?
    I hate my facial features ,i started mewing because of you but it is can only change your face shape … i have a lot of family problems and i live with my mother and i am not in touch with my father i am maybe have anxiety fron my face, u know it is sound weird but i think my facial features look wired and i am hope sumliminals can change it a bit…but do you think it can? Because i think that for a decant life you should be able to look yourself at the mirror … thank you very much (i am 16 if it help you)

  3. I’ve used a different type of cbd oil in the past and it sorta worked?? But now the anxiety and moods are really hitting me right now and i just need soemthing that can actually lift me up so this video was helpful except that it’s so expensive. It would be so great if you could find another brand that really works but is much cheaper :/

  4. Yes! Thank you for the tip on Cbd! I tried some other cbds and they didn’t quiet help my anxiety like I thought… hopefully this one will work ☺️

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