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  2. The marijuana they are selling is waaay more tainted and gmo’d potent/hybrid versions due to fertilizers and chemicals they use!

    Its funny we tough on drugs but we stole Afghanistan’s opium and now legalized gmo weed !

  3. No one is asking WHO got together to decide to legalize this suddenly everywhere? It is not by chance. These people need an economy boost. It also is designed to take the wind out of the sales of street sales. It ALSO is a way for them to better regulate what kind of "marijuana" the public ingests. Best believe it is NOT ORGANIC. Best believe it is modified. The "American" economy is STRUGGLING. They are trying DESPERATELY to hide it but those of us that have jobs dealing with business see it.

  4. :::cough cough cough:::
    opioid/meth/heroin/fentanyl/crack cocaine america is a GLOBAL joke at this point

  5. More power to NJ. No one should go to jail for a natural herb. I wish they were as concerned about opioid users.

  6. They want you on the weed for the next phase of their plans .All these municipalities are broke and they are trying to extract all the money the can out of this system before it collapses.

  7. I got a conviction for it in NJ over 7 years ago so obviously im glad to hear that it'll be cleared from my record 🙂

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