Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 28, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Pres. Trump says Special Olympics will be funded after outrage over proposed cuts, DOJ ‘reviewing’ Jussie Smollett case, and low-cost air carrier WOW goes …


  1. (((Don't vote for TRUMP))).HE" n the CIA" are the one's who started the caravans?.Day are using the CARAVAN"s for his WALL N to win"…THE Election Again .THAT BASTER don't care about any one?.

  2. A donation to charity is voluntary and the government has no business doing it regardless of which specific cause you support or don't support. Charity is a responsibility of the people, not feds.

  3. NBC outed as fake news and working for the DNC. Can't wait for Trump to pull your FCC license on reporting 👌😂

  4. Pee pee pee all over the publicans for messing with Special Olympics for no reason what a bunch of bullies publicans yours should be ashamed of yourself

  5. I want to talk to CNN in person I want CNN to contact me buy my phone number my phone number is 404-642-7620 and my name is Lee and I am a Georgia special Olympic athlete

  6. I am a Georgia Special Olympics athlete and I will never vote for any president in our country and I'll never vote for a publican or a Democrat ever

  7. You Republicans want to blame the Democrats for everything but bling yourselves publicans because honestly you both parties the Democrats in the pumpkins are really is showing how rude you both are

  8. President Donald Trump in the old publicans I would never vote for them or the Democrats at all any year or any time of my life I'll never vote for them ever

  9. Everybody in the USA in 2020 all Americans in the USA needs to vote for a female Democrat tour the White House in 2020

  10. President Donald Trump and the publicans are in the wrong for messing with Special Olympics the publicans and Donald Trump need to go mess with something else

  11. Donald Trump I want to face you face to face and I want to tell you this how I feel about your Democrats

  12. Did Democrats are in the wrong for messing with Special Olympics Donald Trump and the publican's need to mess with something else

  13. Hi my name is Lee I am a special Olympic athlete for Georgia Donald Trump in his party need to leave Special Olympics alone and my phone number is 404-642-7620 and I want to talk to CNN

  14. Keep on it Mr. Schiff. Defender of the Republic. Warrior for Democracy. Enemy of deceit and corruption. We're with you, Mr. Schiff, lead on, we have you're back.

  15. Lol 80 million dollars sign me up I have had cancer twice from Navy radars and they don't pay at all let alone 80 million dollars,

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