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Chinese woman charged with illegally entering Mar-a-Lago, fire erupts at second Texas chemical plant in two weeks, and chronic pain sufferers say they’re …


  1. you all need to stop calling it the "Mueller report." It is the "BARR REPORT." THE ENTIRE report should be released to the congress as they see classified documents all the time, then redactions can be made to protect the innocent because we all know the redactions will be very heavy and plenty and in the interest of protecting the orange wannabe dictator. Also, not ONE word on the Presidents fear and refusal of letting his taxes public. He's hiding his dealings with Russia and who knows what other illegal dealings. Imagine for one second if situation was reversed and it was Obama REFUSING to release his tax returns, etc…

  2. NBC nothing but crap, very little truth in anything they say! The station for brain dead libtard morons, only slightly better than CNN!

  3. I need some money, make me Prez so I can open a business and get all kinds of monies from foreign governments like China and Russia. I want to be RICH !!

  4. what about the kids that got in, they should be booted out. How will expanded Medicare help when Trump wants to cut Medicare,

  5. Texas Loves their Autocrat, Donald J Putin, that GUTTED the EPA!
    No Surprise 2 Chemical Plant Explosions in 2 weeks happened under the Corrupt Trump/Putin Administration.

  6. That's probably the shittiest spy in world history.

    She's definitly one of Trump's pals. Everyone's he hires is incompetent.

  7. The famous admissions liars should do the same jail time as the moms who lie about their addresses to get their children into better primary and secondary schools. (Hint: melanin quotient will make the difference)

  8. What happens when you leave safety inspection and monitoring of an industry in the hands of the industry? Fatal chemical plant explosions and fires, and fatal aviation incidents.

  9. Taken together with the white pagoda 'Trojan horse' effort by Mrs. Murdoch, we need to become extra vigilant against both foreign AND DOMESTIC threats against the security of our government's business.

  10. Chronic pain is horrible. It takes your life away. Everyday is a struggle. The simplest of things takes so much energy. I feel for the woman in the segment. I feel for every single person who deals with chronic pain. It has caused my life to grind to a halt. I work, come home and recover from work to just do it all over again.

  11. Exactly WHITE CHEATING WAY! They think that because they are white they can do whatever they want…corrupted and cheaters….

  12. Hope nobody in this world buy this plane….and as usual lying and cheating people and keeping quiet when an accident happened!

  13. STOP YOUR STUPID FAKE NEWS ON TRUMP MAR DEL LAGO..AGAIN A TRICK FROM TRUMP AGAINST THE CHINESE! Do you really think that a spy will be with so stupid to go in Mar del Lago…

  14. Tomorrow's news will say that those high school students in the robotics club were all offered scholarships.

  15. the fed govt shouldnt be involved to that level in a patient's life to cause her chronic pain to not be treated

  16. Yep. We Texans don't want ta have all them "regulations" on our chemical plants. They get in the way of profits!

  17. By the way TRUMP knew that lady was there he just told her to act normal, she just forgot her swimsuit 😁😁😁😁😂😂😂

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