Next Steps on Iowa Medical Cannabis, 7/1/19

From the press release: Legislative advocates for reforming Iowa’s “worst in the nation” medical cannabis program say they will keep fighting for much needed …


  1. Maybe the legislation doesn't go far enough? If it doesn't, it should include people being allowed to grow their own cannabis, buy from rec. shops etc.

    Anyone that has used cannabis knows it's much safer to smoke flower, then to take "pills" made from extracts. Flower effects a person much quicker and doesn't "creep" up on a person which could cause issues. Thinking you're fine and then get blasted by a high of any kind could be dangerous.

    Just cut the bullshit and legalize consumption for med. and rec. People are not subject to "use" restrictions of alcohol which has no medical benefit. Get real. This step by step and using sick people as an excuse to legalize something the majority of people want, is sad and disgusting. People all across the U.S. have shown they want legalization. That's all you need to see. People want it, you work for the people, done deal.

  2. With 93 % of the voters in favor of medical cannabis any politician that opposes it is either really stupid or corrupted as hell.

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