NEW ROTH SHOW 06 pt1: Bad Bunny Pot Sex…

DaVinci sticks it in the paint mixer… Bad bunny, She got fired too – The self-taught genetic physicist, Atomic Pot, I actually knew a girl who could do that.. kinda, …


  1. Dear God, I'll never think of Bunnies or Paint in the same way! Too damn funny, got tears rolling down my face with laughter. Hey, if you need a paint mixer – I'm your girl!

  2. You're exactly what the doctor ordered…come and…talk to me. Dlr

    Great stuff

    Thought salad but organized
    Almost clinical but not
    Clearly Worthy
    of institutionalizing but we'll let this one walk…thank God

    It's so good to be back. So good.

    Ill send the music later. Lol

  3. Well Dave i was always there just for you just so you know I'd do it all over again no one and i mean no one ever replaces Diamond Dave when you left you took the sex appeal of the band with you i followed PS i was sure you have a very big brain too …😎

  4. so I just went over and listened to Things Ain't What They Used To Be and sang it in the three voices and then did Come On Home in their 3 voices…..and then just sat quietly listening to the Oliver Nelson Septet play Stolen Moments

  5. OK 2404 means…….that I should record the way it used to be by Lambert Hendricks and Ross in all 3 of their voices as my first recorded song as I do over 200 voices…….which is why I wait…….to note I did I'll Wait most recently…….um……other than that his comment is crap writing…….other than being doped happy somehow…….and hoping he is on target as he clicks the send button…….to see if he gets butterflies via that or his first rhetorical commenter back…….and other than that…..well……he hope to be wise….in seeming to be saying that you had not much pause when young and talked retardly just like that…….but I only remember you as suave on the radio before a gig in town……whereas I was mostly absent………no offense but I think the rest of the group sucks……and did your second group…… need a new band

  6. well now I am watching it a second time and trying to modify the computer laptop speaker output… bad as the new TV's without Blaupunkt speakers……did you know I can outsing the volume of the 12 inch powered Kingston modern speaker tuned to rock radio station in the night?……one night I did practically every song and every voice for each entire song that the radio station played……every song practically…….for maybe as long as 6 hours maybe 9pm to after 4am before I fell asleep…….female voices and all…….I just watched his tobacco one a second time as well and I do not wish to comment on his named references at this time…..of in which I certainly could……and I don't not feel like doing an essay add to my workload today to debunk it otherwise as well……but I just stopped the video after he spoke of Jagger…….well since I did a Stevie Nicks song in her voice……might have been White Wing Dove……not sure……..before knowing the guitarist went into surgery the next day or something……..I decided to go back and to do a Rolling Stones song in Jaggers' voice……..which is a real pain in the butt because Jagger is all over the map…….but it still is fairly easy for me to do his voice(singers mostly follow the end of their nose when trying to express themselves…..and that is obviously why they are somewhat pathetic)…….because I do many voices that are much more difficult than his…….even entire albums……

  7. This is the strangest life I've ever known…

    So Diamond D…umm are you gonna reply to any of your fans here 'axing' all their questions, thinking you read their questions, and might even reply to one!!??

    Ignored fans soon lose all interest as soon as they realize their 'axing' questions which won't be answered!
    Davebro, they'll feel unappreciated and they may even get their feeling hurt!! For those who aren't with it, real manly men such as myselfish don't have "feelings" The effeminate dudes have plenty of feelings and they're always hurt, and hurt feelings leads to tiny tears, whereas dudes shedding tiny tears leads to projectile vomit!!!

    So, my "feeling" is immune to being…hmmmph!…Hmmph!…PEE-HUGH-Kage!
    That's right, just the thought of a dude having effeminate hurt feelings and tearing up SICKENS ME!!

    On the outside chance you might, some fine day, answer a question, here's one I've axed every successful person over the past couple of decades as the elite wealthy Smellywood mucktarts they are –

    See if you will be the first to answer –
    OK so you've just been told you can never work again and are forced to take disability pension.

    So pretend you're me, because I have serious Chronic Pancreatitis and kidney issues called Glomerulonephritis! I know, freaking arrogant scientists and their "Buckwheats 'N' Bead knobs" hundred dollar names nobody can pronounce!!

    OK, so you have a family who expect monkey kibble (food) on a daily basis, so you're flat broke as piss on a plate, you're trapped on $750 monthly and no prospects!! How do you proceed?

    I've asked every last wealthy people I could find – How would you make enough to actually live on, where you can actually squirrel away for emergencies such as a new roof because our twenty five year shingles crapped out under 13 years!

    The car needs brakes, bills need to be paid, food bought, mortgage, medication etc etc -What do you do starting from scratch at age fiddy six years to generate a reasonable income!?

    I ask wealthy, successful people, thinking they're financially savvy, let's see what advice they have for me!
    To date, and very sadly, not one single one of them has even bothered to respond, if only to tell me to effith offith nowith!!

    Jack – Canada

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