1. Anyone else notice that he turns the volume down whenever he coughs so we don't get ear raped? Small details like that really make these videos the best man <3

  2. Stiitzy will never sponsor you guys cause you buy 3 half grams Smfh lame as fuck niggas out here buying 1000 carts and still not asking for handouts so stfu

  3. your literally one of the wackest you tubers every Smfh typical asian who buys all the shitty dank vapes and shitty bud wack ass bitch

  4. Theyll never sponsor you if you tell them you love it lol cause you're already gonna advertise for free if you genuinely love the product

  5. That nigga on the left such a nerd “my uh girlfriend does the grapefruit you know that huh huh” NIGGAS A LOSER ACTING LIKE A MIDDLE SCHOOLER

  6. So.. how are ya guys? Its fucking 2:44 am and iam stoned ass fuck ✌ i wonder how old are ya guys whos watching this video 👌 so.. iam 15 years old and ian smoking weed for like 7 months what about you guys?

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