New Cannabis ETF (TOKE), U.S. Pension Funds Want Pot Stocks

Data analysis firm Nielsen forecasts U.S. cannabis industry will reach $40 billion by 2025 — 25% growth per year. U.S. pension funds want in on the marijuana …


  1. In the short-term, Cannabis stocks have been getting pounded as of late. WHEN do you anticipate stocks to start climbing again? I remember last year around this time that stocks surged in anticipation of Canada's legalization in October. It was a case of "Buy the rumor, Sell the news". Canadian cannabis legalization 2.0 is coming in October expanding the market to edibles, CBD, etc. When do you see companies like Plus Products, Cannabis Sativa, and others start catching fire? What about companies like Evio labs that tests CBD oils for purity which may be mandated for cannabis companies as more states legalize and then nationally? Finally, what about Cannabix Technologies (BLOZF) that has developed a cannabis breathalyzer that can be used much like one does for DUI testing? I'm just trying to determine if/when to 'pull the trigger' and buy these stocks. I have purchased some stocks based on the Public Cannabis Company Revenue Tracker, managed by New Cannabis Ventures, that ranks the top revenue producing cannabis stocks in the US and in Canada.  I'll set a 30% trailing stop and a fair amount have hit the trailing stop and were sold.  My belief was that it was about actual revenue.  Maybe I'm not being patient enough.  ANY thoughts/advice you can offer would be so GREATLY appreciated!!!  I trust you, Matt, and Banyan Hill.  Thanks for everything!

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