Nature’s Healing Power: How Mushrooms, Cannabis, and Immunotherapy are Winning the War on Cancer

In this video, we follow Ty and the TTAC crew during their Journey Through ASIA as they talk to cancer experts in Taiwan about the power of herbs. You can …


  1. If you do as they do in the orient, which is to not use meats except as a condiment and then occasionally, you can be satisfied with far less and eat almost entirely vegetables instead of loads of meat. Since the explosion of eating so much meat and dairy and cheese, we have seen an obesity epidemic as well as all sorts of cancers.

    We do not need milk as no other animal needs it once they are weened. There are plant milk substitutes which do not cause the problems that milk does: arthritis, cancer, raising cholesterol, causes hip fractures in old age, kidney disease. All milk on the market contains PUS. What is wrong if you think that is safe and good for you? Cheese concentrates the problems with milk ten times as it takes ten gallons of milk to make a pound of cheese. And what is cheese? Bacteria is used to digest the milk, to clamber it and when there is nothing left that the bacteria can eat, they add a lot of salt which kills the bacteria. The dead bacteria is still there. And the fat which is there is rancid. If you get off of cheese and then smell it, it smells like dirty socks. Just why do you think that cheese is good for you? Is it rational or an addiction?

    We don't need to join a fat club to gain weight, we should not have to join a gym to lose weight, we need to stop eating ourselves to death. Our arteries are being clogged with animal fats and this causes high blood pressure. You don't need pills, you need to drink water, not use so much salt, eat vegetables and stop the animal foods. The weight will drop off steadily and all without being hungry.

    Potatoes and rice and beans are your friends. Learn to take control of your own diet. Spend the hours you watch YouTube to your own advantage and listen to Dr. John McDougall, Dr. T. Collin Campbell, Dr. Neal Bernard, Dr. Milton Mills, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.

    We are supposed to be "Thinking man" so don't let others do your thinking for you. Get the information for yourselves and stop being sick. Cancer grows in an acidic body and meats make your body acidic, plant-foods make your body alkaline and cancer cannot grow.

    Yes, you can make your food taste good. But then you have to learn to enjoy learning and get out of the pleasure trap.

  2. They are starting to legalize cannabis where I live in Ottawa, Canada. They are even using cannabis as ingredients in desserts. I think that immunotherapy should be used instead of chemotherapy to treat all kinds of cancers in all four stages in the Western world because one does not lose his or her hair.

  3. The drug companies don't want us to be able to grow our own medicine. It's time to elect government officials, that are not in the pockets of these drug companies and will do the right thing.

  4. I've seen Cannabis treat Melanoma. People laugh at me when I tell them and I offer to email them the studies.

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