National Drug Research Institute on ACT Personal Cannabis Use Bill

This was taken from from the ACT committee hearing on 26th of March 2019. Health, Ageing and Community Services – Inquiry into Drugs of Dependence …


  1. Look at all the medical industry organisations against it. They don't want to lose profit.. They're our most harmful dealers

  2. We'll never legalize weed because these old bags in suits are just interested in themselves. Scott Morrison wants us to all be "hard workers" for "Australias growth" But i'll be fucked if ANY of us can reach through to them on any level. Why do they even bother with these hearings? Do they just like to hear their own mundane nonsense? How the fuck can you be against a PLANT that shrinks tumors, helps tourettes, slows cancer growth etc etc… MONEY that's why. Australia is turning into a prison, and these assholes run the cells.

  3. You need a tape measure 20 meters long and predict the movement of children 24/7. What happens if you break the new laws? They steal your kids and shoot your dogs,

    Talk about prohibtion v2.0 Is that who is talking here? The guys who steal your weeds,

  4. This committee don't have the intelligence to absorb all the information about cannabis! Hair twirling and resting there heads on there hands clearly show they don't care for the subject!

  5. Craft growers = higher quality!! Corporate = less quality! What's the difference between alcohol at a party and cannabis? IDIOTS. The social club model is great!!

  6. Look at these muppets purely not interested!! Almost look like there going to fall asleep! Because it doesn't effect them!

  7. Change the law, reduce the crime, allow buisness or register plants, Give us our LEGAL rights and stop the political rubbish..we could be the global leaders. Let's say, we only accept legal 10 plants grown out doors per yr. Control measure 1.
    Inspectors can check rego of plant C2.
    ALL hydro ILLEGAL ,as they are very strong strains out ,C3
    Police intervention as required due to breach C4… simple.
    (And you can tell the difference between by the way) …..
    …..also, just saying, too the ones who think and not listen to FACTS, are the ones who are in power, impacting on our GOD given human rights The freedom of choice, do you drink just wondering.? i see a lot of dementia associated with grog in our country…..mmmmm perhaps we ban GROG then?. …

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