My Marijuana (WEED) Addiction Documentary Story HD

This is the full story time video on my marijuana addiction. I talk about how it began, mid point, and becoming a full addict. I talk about this to inspire others that …


  1. my first time was a brownie too!! even worse it was a DAB brownie. i blacked out and it was literally like i was drunk, i couldnt control myself- with random bouts of crying and laughing and nonsensical talk. i also had synesthesia- my bf played some jazz music to try and calm me down, since i had multiple panic attacks in one sitting (that i’d never had before) and i could hear the color yellow. crazy. p sure that made me immune to brownies after that

  2. that addict in me says damn i wish eddies hit me like that but the sober me says well it did hit me like that once and I ended up in the hospital with my heart 20 bpm from going into cardiac arrest. Moral of the story, be careful with weed. It can consume your life, you can end up choosing a high over everything because you just want to be high without any legal repercussions. The more stuff that is going on in your life, the more you'll find yourself using getting high as an excuse to "enhance, or not worry" about whatever's going on. Just like King said, everyone around you will suddenly become a stoner and you'll get used, you'll choose getting high with friends over going to the gym, even though you told yourself going to the gym high was great, it's nice to have friends right? You feel loved.

  3. bro I can relate, 2013 I really wanted to stop smoking, i used to also say its my last time then boom following day i would find myself smoking after and when i got high i used to see myself as a weak man… but at least i stopped smoking weed, 4 years sober

  4. Hey bro I fuck wit your videos man. I can relate to everything you're taking about lol I've been an on an off smoker and I realize Everytime I stopped smoking I was more productive, i messed up scholarships, good paying jobs and other opportunities because i was too relaxed and care free. I had to look into myself and realize smoking weed everyday is not a normal way to live. Keep it going bro 💯

  5. Ive been smoking since last summer and started to smoke nearly every day since about January. But, I don't smoke actual weed I have a vape pen and buy carts. Any advice on what to do?

  6. Man good luck to stay sober, it s amazing you did this change and i wish you to do what make you happy. That s the most inportant thing. Peace

  7. I relate to this so much man im 3 weeks sober as of today im much more focused on bettering myself now that I stopped smoking it’s crazy.

  8. I got a lot respect for you bro. You got your shit together young. I’m still struggling with this shit at 27.

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