My Lawn App by SCOTT's – Fertilizer & Weed Treatment Program for your Grass

The My Lawn App by SCOTT’s is very easy to use and is an awesome quick reference for applying the proper weed killer and grass fertilizers for your grass type …


  1. Dan's wants you have a nice thick piece of grass. We're in a heck of a season for white clover, with all the da'gum rain. We're going to need to put down a slow fert, and aerate soon…but I hope I can bust a little more of the weedy junk, before I do that.

  2. Hey Dan i'm really loving the Tshirt/medal wall behind you xx Also cooking with Dan is back YEY!!! We need to get you to 100,000 as you really deserve it.

  3. Long time no see Dan. Well, your one of them southern boys, things get ready for the season early. But we up in the north, men's balls turn into frozen milk duds. Infact, we just had a bunch of snow a week and a half ago. I think everyones lawn should have Dan scheduled for it 😉

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