My Hunting Dogs Having Seizures! Whats Killing My Pointer Diesel!

Sin City Outdoors german shorthaired pointer Diesel started having seizures. The dog was taken to the vet and he could not find answers because theres …


  1. Our pointer began having seizures at 4 years old. He has only had 2 so far, but we were told it's the breed. I immediately switched him to raw diet.

  2. I have 2 German shorthaired pointers they are nuts we took her pheasant hunting and she did a front flip😂😂😂

  3. My gsp cooper had his first seizure on Christmas morning this past Christmas and just had his second one yesterday 🙁 it’s so sad and stressful to watch

  4. I’m glad Diesel is alright. This was very educational something that we can benefit from. Liking your videos.

  5. I'm having the same problem with my pitbull terrier. Literally does the same thing but every 2 to 3 week. And it happens twice within 10 minutes each time. The first time it happened I brought him to the vet. Obviously they didn't find anything took blood etc etc nothing. We had him for roughly 4 months before its started happening in the winter. Tried changing his food, that didn't work. I'm starting to believe its probably the winter. It only happens to her when shes asleep and the second one happens while shes pacing around the house.

  6. My friend lost his dog and the same situation but they later found out he had been chewing on a dead mouse that was floating in a planter against the house wall while they were watering the planter. But all the same symptoms as yours. He eventually died. And the vet said It was from the toxins from the dead mouse.

  7. My dog had 4 seizures today each about 8 hours apart. Hes eating, drinking just fine. But how was it before your dog stopped having seizures?

  8. i use to have cold water at hand and cool my german short hair down as he had a eapasode. i had to massage him during and after it. it helped him get over it real quick. .in the winter time i had to take him out side in the cold and massage him when i bring him inside.
    he stared that crap when he was 2 years old. he passed at age 16. but he had a very happy life. he was always active. make sure you always have ice water in a cooler si when he gets done running around he can cool him self down quick. he loved fires. but in the winter time he loved to sleep in front of the fire place. .
    but rember ….as he strokes out cool him down with cold water and massage him during and after the ordeal, and talj to him as well in a calm voice. dont have to many people around him as he snaps oit of it. dont let him get up and let him try to run around and to quick.
    thats the only time i put my dog on a rope. rember to always have ice water in a cooler for him and just regular water for him where he eats and drinks. if you want to talj to me more about this tex me and ill sent you my number and we can talj over the phone about it

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