My Favorite CBD Products

I am a consumer of CBD/THC products for inflammation, anxiety, sleeplessness, migraines, the list go on and on. I believe them to be extremely helpful and I’m …


  1. I use cbd when I have to go to gatherings where I know I’ll have anxiety, and it really really helps. It also relaxes me a lot. I smoke it, vape it, and use the tincture. It’s honestly awesome 🙂 helps me out of bunch. Love you Jess!

  2. I've been smoking for 13+ years mainly THC products, at times i go for a 1:1 ratio THC/CBD. They always helped me calm down, sleep, focus, and inflammation. Now that Oklahoma has made it medically legal I got my card.
    People really should study up more on the effect of THC/CBD, they have so many benefits. Fun fact: Marijuana smoke actually increases your lung capacity unlike cigarettes. reason being is the way we smoke it.. smokers have this habit of trying to make big clouds and hold in for as long as possible, with that being said scientist believe that by doing that we have increased our lung capacity and also may have strengthen chest muscles. they also say it doesn't seem to show negative effect like cigarettes. it also doesn't make people lazy (that's a myth) their is 2 types of cannabis, Sativa and indica.

    Sativa is for when you have things to accomplish. (uplifting, creativity, relieves migraines, and reduces nausea)
    Indica is for your end of the day relax, sleep or need stronger pain control. Indica are better for inflammation. ( inflammation, anxiety/stress, appetite, relieve spasm and seizures)


  3. We have all types of syrups and stuff to mix in drinks up in Oregon that don't have a taste like tinctures via your local budtender, me. lol.

  4. CBD=Cat, Ball, Dog.
    Disclaimer: I am a licensed professional regular guy. I can't fly and I have no superhero powers. 😊

  5. I’ve been a frequent THC user and although it temporarily helps anxiety and eating related issues, Im starting to feel like the long term effects are having an opposite effect. Im switching to more CBD based strains and products so lets see 🙂

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