Music, Mothers & Misery ft. DJ Ras – Crop Over 2019 Recap, Bashment Soca Comp., Fatherhood Advice

Ras’ speech impediment – 2:07 Artists need to take themselves seriously – 7:50 Bashment Soca Competition based on popularity – 9:50 Hosting the Bashment …


  1. The issue with bashment there is no define sound. When u think of music and define bouyon (Dominica) dennery segment (St.lucia). The evolution of the sound musical will still have the main elements which bashment soca don't have

  2. Didn’t expect to like this interview so much. I’m really in support of fathers understanding they have rights before the courts and responsibilities to their children.

  3. Facts I listen to slam and in 2016 when Edwin won my family that lived in fl. (they listen to hot) Was singing the song and the first time I heard it was at bushy park. The next day slam was killing it because it won. I'm learning a lot about radio politics from this episode.

  4. BOOM "You tinking about these things in the wrong way … I never had a bounce back 'cause I never moved!" ~DJ Ras for the winnnnnnn …. I tiefing dat!!!!!!

  5. I liked what Ras said about self promotion. I am not a soca artist, but I'm wanting to step up my game as it relates to putting my work out as a result of this podcast. #IamPassion. #PassionEndorsed! Thank you guys so much for an entertaining interview. I'm here listening to you guys rather than working on my next book LOL

  6. I’m crying at the jab at “what drives you crazy”….I could not wait for this interview!! Edith voice

  7. I might be fast on the trigger here but damn, INO, mad respect ✊🏾 DJ Ras, mad respect ✊🏾!! There is soooo much that I don’t know outside of my sport, thank you for 1. Making me feel like I’m home even tho I’m overseas. 2. Educating me! 🙌🏾🔥 Have to work now but will watch the full length podcast tonight!

  8. THANK YOU! Bajan artists need to have their own YouTube channels. Julianspromo is cool and all but release your own music on your own channel. Don't need a music video or even a lyric video. Just put the album art if ya got or an image of yourself if you don't and put the song on YouTube. Get them view numbers for yourself!

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