Most Expensive Cannabis in USA, Luxury Brand: Canndescent, Episode 7, California

FULL EPISODE Canna Cribs: E7 – Canndescent, the originator of luxury cannabis, filmed on location in Desert Hot Springs, CA This episode powered by our …


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  2. Over inducing is chemically inducing basically creates weird looking and tasting shit right? @growersnetwork

  3. hey you are a celebrity, you can not expose your self to the danger of poison! fans are people and people are crazy, but fear not! ill save you, ill be your official tester so let me hit that before you do bro……

  4. Branding. Funk that. The industry is not moving in the right direction when companies start obfuscating their product strains and begin to "brand" the cultivar itself.

  5. Liquid noots = bypassed microbes = not real smoke.
    Organic is the only way to smoke real cannabis. Glad i dont buy GMO bud

  6. flower? sportscar… goodflower? bla bla bla… mothers? these guys talk mad shit… grow? cold? plants performing? potential? clones? candescent? this an ad?

  7. That old white hair idiot who thinks the people passing amazing cutting to each other are fucking strains up and said big business like these prick got to clean them up. What a aragant prick. Also these people destroy the product soon as they harvest it.

  8. Fuck canndescent flower their shit laterally sucks ass over priced herb for no name herb baught from other seed company's and renamed it with some number like 1508, lmao only for stupid hipsters !

  9. This hydroponic and chem fertilizer grown is top of the line? That's a joke. Grow tomatoes that way and try to give them to a top chef and see what they say. Once cannabis becomes more mainstream the agricultural professionals will take over from these sort of people.

  10. I mean seriously all you people that are complaining about it just probably can’t afford it. Cannadescent really has incredible quality products, and if you were ever able to try it yourself I’m sure you’d agree.

  11. 31:13 min
    F*ck Robotics and automatic crap Maschine! Who should buy it without work? So stupid from the economy

  12. There’s so much packaging on all marijuana! It’s too bad that brick and mortar stores don’t ask people to bring in their own jars/packaging so it can be reused and lower the cost and waste! Probably won’t happen because they won’t be able to advertise and put warnings on the products but it seems a little overkill!

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  14. Come on DOJ! Go out and bust these state growers already!!!!!!!!! It's against federal law and the state doesn't hold the authority to supersede the federal powers just withhold.

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