Mosby's request to dismiss marijuana convictions denied by judges

District and circuit court judges have ruled Friday that nearly 5000 marijuana possession convictions will stand after State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s request to …


  1. HOW can this woman POSSIBLY be prosecuting without RACE being a major decision in her work? WHY IS SHE STILL IN PUBLIC SERVICE? She is a racist to the core – as everytime she speaks – RACE is the issue – and the problem is the white folks are obeying the laws.

  2. I am TOO through!!!! OH – SO now SHE wants different laws for different races – if it does not benefit EVERYONE EQUALLY – it does not cross her mind. Thank Heavens for the bigger mind of a judge! ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL – AND we will give special consideration for SOME – in every policy, in every benefit, in every way we can think of. PARDON ME – WHEN DID I STOP BECOMING A MEMBER OF THIS COMMUNITY???
    IFyou don't want the time – don't do the crime.
    If you want out of poverty – follow a few simple freaking rules – go to bed at night, don't sleep with 30 men, have no more kids than you can afford – or WAIT to have them!! don't drink smoke gamble or use drugs. AND GO TO WORK – and bada bing! its not magic – its common freaking sense – and personal responsibility. STOP laying ALL the problems at the feet of those who did not partake in themStaying.

  3. Another city official en route to mislead citizens of Baltimore for a vote. She never intended to convict any police officers in the Freddie Gray case. Voters fraud against the indigent uneducated and the poor.
    Shame on her…Everything hidden will be made known…Gods wrath is
    upon that corrupt organization taking advantage of the citizens.

  4. Mrs. Mosby, Money Matters – not lives.
    Marijuana – a weed. Not a drug. Should be reclassified as it was in 1920s when legal.
    It's less about drug dealers profiting or even violence. It's ALL about the government profits from this situation. Tough battle.

  5. I understand what She is is getting at, but some "Not a whole lot" of those violent crimes are because of marijuana.

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