1. I'm new to this and I only have 2.00 in this so do I keep adding money how do u build money if I keep spending

  2. weed stocks are long term guys I highly recommend you hop on the trend & hold for the next 2-5 years.

  3. I’m confused on why you would buy stocks like psec and agnc. Granted monthly cash flow is amazing but with capital appreciation dropping and you paying taxes on those dividends is it really worth it? This is the first video I seen but will look forward to seeing how your journey goes good luck👍

  4. Once a dividend is paid to me where does that go ? I don’t see the income of the dividends. Where can I find this ?

  5. I was looking at LTC and O last summer, could of made some money on growth too. Had some Apple Hospitality before I sold everything.
    Check out MAIN, GAIN and GLAD!

  6. I recently got out of psec and got into AWP as it has a more stable 5yr chart and pays monthly also . I’m also doing a lot of covered calls and selling PUTS to increase the gains , im also doing many dividend captures . Great way to grow small accounts fast in my opinion. Great video man.

  7. People: “Omg your down 9%, this guy sucks”

    Bruce – $2,000+ dollars saved in stocks while receiving monthly dividend when most people can’t save $500.

  8. brand new to rhood/stocks so i really appreciate you straight up showing us your phone, im a visual learner so its really helpful.
    i was wondering why you buy at market price w a limit order instead of just using the market buy function?

  9. Yes you get dividends but most stocks go down in value. The loss in equity will be a lot larger than the dividends earned. its a losing strategy.

  10. "Man look at all these dividends I'm getting back every month, I'm about to be ballin" LMFAO! Bro that was hilarious but I loved the video

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