MN Senate Committee Defeats Recreational Marijuana Bill

A Minnesota Senate committee has defeated a bill to legalize recreational marijuana in Minnesota, effectively killing the legislation for the year, Pat Kessler …


  1. Drunk and high, I am 100% sure it was the alcohol. Please don’t give cannabis a bad name anymore. Think of all the drug the the medical industry put on our prescriptions.
    You can smoke cannabis and wake up to go to work just fine. But take a sleeping pill you will wake up and feel like shit. That’s the drug they are willing to give to the people.
    Dumb lady don’t need to put cannabis as a killer on the road. I’m damn sure it was the alcohol. This is not even an argument and should never be brought up.

  2. it's very easy to get. it's cheaper being illegal. to keep it this way it's better for criminals. i hate waiting in line but stores are safe compared to the mean streets. plus there's no tax now. you do the math. these old people act like they are stopping something. news flash. no one is asking for permission. they are being paid off I think. they make it a gateway drug by making us go to a drug dealer.

  3. So what you are saying is that we should get drunk off are asses and forget this ever happened….
    Honest this country is SCREWED

  4. 80% support? And the republifucks turned their backs on us?
    I'll NEVER vote for anyone of these mother fuckers! EVER.

  5. God i'm happy to be Canadian…. Canada #1. The only reason it's a gateway drug is because the only way to get some where it is illegal is to go to the black market, and the guy selling you the weed might also sell harder stuff and will most likely attempt to get you into that too… it's only a gateway drug because you guys made it so. Follow Canada's example, everyone here is fine, and better then before since it was federally legalized for recreational use. America is falling behind on all aspects… used to be such an example, now nothing more than a freak show.

  6. I think it will get legalized eventually. My condolences to the lady who lost her son but let's not forget that the driver was Drunk and high. Not saying that the substance is completely harmless but I believe legalization and decriminalization is a good direction to go.

  7. This is so silly! She a drunk driver, I my self gave up smoking pot in the late 90's look at Holland Amsterdam the no fight less crime

  8. Wonder how many of those republican senators drink alcohol at times. Hypocrites. I feel bad for that lady with her son who was killed by a drunk driver. But Weed is irrelevant since the driver was drunk. If it were a axase of someone only on weed it would have been relevant. It’s dispicable they used her emotional testimony to create fear especially when the culprit was booze. I consider myself a republican generally but I’m willing to vote nothing but democrat until pot is legal to spite those republican hypocrites.

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