Mitch Hedberg: “Acid Opened Up My Mind”

Mitch Hedberg recalls a hallucinogenic trip to the woods and explains why he hates turtleneck sweaters. Subscribe to Comedy Central Stand-Up: …


  1. "acid expanded my mind" would have gotten thunderous applause in the last decade. Crazy to think how SOCIETY has changed bro

  2. God dammit comedycentral it's the internet. Why are you censoring words like bullshit? Pussification, I say!

  3. The proof of what a talented comic he was is how difficult it is to deliver his lines. In a world where we all reference comedic moments to our friends to get a chuckle, it is practically impossible to say a Hedberg line if the recipients don't know it's from him & get a laugh.

  4. I’m with Mitch! I think the added temporary interneuronal synapse connections thanks to marijuana and especially the psychedelics are literal wiring upgrades to our brains that can be made permanent through normal neuroplasticity learning. These new connections give parts of our brains new access to both our current sensory perceptions, heightening them and making us more appreciative of everything we experience, while also giving parts of our brains new access to memories making even our memories heightened with literally new mental perspectives on them. It’s like a physical empathy, giving our brains the ability to have new and more diverse perspectives on everything, past and present.

    These substances widely have the reputation as creativity-enhancers but I think actually they’re empathy-enhancers creating new perspectives, giving artists greater ability to imagine how a wider audience will perceive their work while it’s in progress, making it more creative as a result.

    Legalize, release, expunge and give industry advantages to the minorities most harmed.

  5. thumbs up for CC making a tribute to this legend so many years later. I used to love Mitch Hedberg. I still do, but I used to too.

  6. I miss growing up as a kid and all comedy central played early in the day was comedy Central presesnts.. I remember this act so much nostalgia

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