1. When god discovered steak was so good he made cows full of dmt so that way they just take a trip and live a life time in there own mind before he slaughter them

  2. The way my brain is wired, sometimes I get dmt trips from smoking weed. I see pyramids and Roman columns

  3. This made me a fan of Mike Tyson….I used to be scared of him but he's like a vicious pitbull that transformed into the best puppy ever!

  4. if you could handle being mike tyson all this years you can handle DMT more then one time …
    p.s joe rogan the more i listen to your words the more respect i have for you brother ( thank you ) i'm going to call you the quiet one from now on

  5. i believe dmt when used therapeutically can change criminal behavior in many prisoners. I mean why not?

  6. In the glory days of my youth I did a LOT of acid and mushrooms. Then abruptly stopped.

    Now 20 years later I may actually give DMT a chance.

  7. Go watch the scene in dr strange movie where he goes to the monk Nd she says open ur mind Nd he literally goes into a dmt trip

  8. Imagine they make basically a go pro of whats going on in your consciousness. That would be very enjoyable to study everyones experiences. Crazy thing with how technology is going it can very well be possible if the government releases it

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