Microdosing Magic Mushrooms ✧ How Much & How Often

What is the best dosage for microdosing magic mushrooms? How much to take, and how often to take them? ✧ My Experience Micro-Dosing Magic Mushrooms: …


  1. I seen a YouTuber that started with microdose, and he did end with a cup of mushrooms from 10gram lats time, in 1 time

  2. thank you. lovely informative, but it's also simply very lovely to listen to you, thank you for showing up, you are a marvelous being.

  3. Currently micro dosed for the very first time, I feel amazing, I typed in micron dose and your video came up first, I’m loving hearing your voice right now, it’s so incredible soothing and relaxing, like I just wanna lay here at your feet like a cat and listen to your voice all day :))

  4. when they threw my cakes away I fell off the wagon, but now Ive got new cakes almost pinning and I hid them well

  5. So this is am unmeasured crap shoot of a dose of a psychedelic drug?

    Wtf. You're advising people pn taking a "little piece"…

    You aren't microdosing. You're eating unmeasured amount of mushrooms.

    When you use cannabis, it can be exactly the same as measured medications. Just because you take random amounts of a secondary compound produced by a plant does not mean its not a drug.

    Plants produce drugs and you're taking a crap shoot on how the chemicals will effect you.

    Please delete this video.

    Psilocybin and cannabis are not the same. And again, yes both can be measured. Just the same way someone can measure how much alcohol they take… because they pour in in a glass and the alcohol percentage is listed on the container it came from.

    You sound dumb.

  6. Literally this new year i took Mushrooms and i had a bad trip. I felt very anxious, but wow! Was i aware of how i felt and i felt very negative . After the experience i started to analyze what i went through , because i would think of it and it remind me of the experience. Im definitely looking forward fo micro dosing.

  7. Saying hat someone cured an illness 10 years later and that was the doing mushrooms is the same as saying me getting hit by a car yesterday was due to me eating doritos 4 years ago. Quite the reach going that far into the future regardless of the loose association you may be making towards an egodeath or something stemming from that

  8. I know one thing it taste earthly and god awful, I had my first micro dose and I feel warm and mellowed all the way out

  9. Damn hippies.. taking over the darned you tuber now!! Funguys?!?! Is that supposed to be funny or something?

  10. Every mushroom has a different amount of pscilicin/pscilocybin. So dosage by weight of mushroom material is irrelevant. Take note of how strong your mushrooms are and take accordingly. Are they bluish? Then most likely they are strong. also unless you have those super long mushrooms a single shroom can be a nice micro dose.

  11. Good for you we shd always follow our own intuition and not follow someone else's instruction , we are all unique and must honour that. Most people don't understand how to relate to sacred medicine and be in relationship with it

  12. Haha when her phone rang and she looked over I thought she was seeing shit but then she said it was her phone so it's all good.

  13. How does this work it I'm on antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs. I want to try but am unsure I'd safe while on the poisonous prescribed drugs

  14. Yeah, I would definitely like to hear you discuss the effects and benefits you got from using Cannabis? I have other questions as well.. Like, when you micro dose Mushrooms do you use cannabis at the same time. And, have you ever taken a high dose of M. mushrooms? I do in a way, feel that you have a certain "vibration" you're putting off onto the screen, which I seem to feel. As if you're at piece with yourself?? Anyways, thanks for your video.. I hope I (we) hear from you again! Have a wonderful life.. Take care of yourself! A.D.

  15. I’m a neuropsychology student and so incredibly interested in trying this. I do have adhd and take a a small dosage of medication to help me not forget to pay my bills. So I have to research how these substances would work together before I go there. But I feel like it would absolutely add to my journey towards self mastery.

  16. So I get to smile as beautiful and often as u
    I’m in
    I’m getting my mushrooms 🍄 tmrz and can’t wait for my journey I’m looking to heal social anxiety and also to an auto immune problem I’ve heard positives on both problems 😊🍄👍🌸👋
    Thankyou beautiful lady .

  17. Thanks for the video, i was looking for an alternative to anti depressants…
    They have been a little hell for my own good

  18. A friend of mine had severe migraines for years.. Almost every day.. One 2.5g mushroom experience and 3yrs later still hasn't had a headache since

  19. I believe in what you are saying and I could use that kind of healing. Unfortunately my fiancee doesn't relate or believe in this type of healing. Most people are attached to the idea that these types of plant medicines are bad for us and fear them. Most people believe that big pharma has all the answers. When I watch anti-depressant commercials I can't help laughing and feeling shocked by our current culture. The fact that big pharma has to disclose the fact that you may feel suicidal while on their anti-depressant floors me. Whats the point of an anti-depressant if you want to off yourself even more while taking a drug to help yourself? I'm really happy that this information is surfacing.

  20. The content of each mushroom varies, 1 could be 5 times stronger than another so unless you make into dust and mix you can't do it by weight, I've had 0.5g that's been as strong as a 1g trip, 0.25g is a good microdose for me, I think they are an amazing miracle of nature and not a drug in my opinion

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