1. It's gotten to the point where it's not even used for medical intervention. I live in Los Angeles and I have come across so many people who are using marijuana recreationally just to get high and are high when they go into places.

  2. We've spent over a $1 Trillion on the drug war over the last 40 to 50 years. Drugs are more amplified then ever before. The USA has the largest prison population IN THE WORLD. It's a scam. Glad people are waking up to this. We should just Legalize freedom.

  3. Here’s my take on this;

    First for disclosure I never liked the pot culture and disliked smoking in general. I also worry that pot has a tendency to make lazy people lazier, so I worry about an expansion of the welfare class.

    All this being said I do support the experiment of legalization because the simple fact is prohibition hasn’t worked. It’s cost untold billions, it’s filled prisons with people who shouldn’t be there, it’s made criminals rich and made citizens into criminals and most importantly it has failed to prevent its wide spread use.

  4. Thank you Michelle. I would ask that more importantly, when it is finally decriminalized in the USA, that we insure that the gov't takes no part in pushing out or regulating out the small grower and seller in favor of state sponsored big business like what has happened in Canada. It is criminal what they have done to the small guys and completely expected, unfortunately.

  5. First?!?!
    A third of the country should watch this!!!
    That would be roughly 100 MILLION views!
    I live in WA. The employees at the Agate Dreams Pot Shop are some of the kindest, most down to 🌎 ppl I know!! And, I'm a Christian; and most of the kindest, down to 🌎, and open minded ppl I know are from the pot shop; unfortunately not church…. I'm not saying anything bad about the church ppl… I'm "just saying…"

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