Michael Pollan: "How to Change Your Mind" | Talks at Google

Michael Pollan has written 5 New York Times best sellers including Food Rules; In Defense of Food; and The Omnivore’s Dilemma. In this talk, he shares …


  1. boring. Inuits didn't use psychedelics coz it didn't grow in their environs This is true of many social sectors of society. for example many persons have never been exposed to shrooms but rather, shit like meth or crack. Had they been exposed to shrooms they may have had a different societal context developmentally speaking. so your reference to the Inuit absence of psychedelics is sad and reprehensible, and I will stop watching your video now. Your case-specificity has no insight into the underlying factors of reality but refers to a de-correlated instance that has no relevance to your argument. BYE! Michael Pollan will NEVER listen to you again.

  2. I did a mushroom shake. Very strong. Never had any life-changing realisation, just lots of colour and music sounds awesome.

  3. It's relevant to mention that these studies by definition must choose people with a proper "psychic tone" ie, not choosing subjects prone to develop schizophrenia, to ensure the well being of the participants. Yet this has an important statistical effect, no harmful effects may appear on the sample. In other words, what I mean to say is psychedelics are not for everyone, there can be harmful effects and we need to study them, know them. Someday in the future, perhaps these problems we face now can be solved working with the help of psychedelics, but science can get us there

  4. Interesting no doubt, however, too much head—"drop" into the heart/gut and that is the real trip sans LSD

  5. Why am I setting aside my professional time for someone to proselytize drugs… and safety(double questions mark)??

  6. It was 915 mics of LSD to Neem Koroli Baba Ram Dass had special 305 mic white lightning that were specially made for him and yes he had 4 pills the old man didn't want the broken one lol but I've heard him tell that story a few times the other one was he had 300 mic pills and he took 900 mics he did that twice Ram Dass thought maybe he tricked him and threw them over his shoulder so years later they did it again

  7. Can that girl in the audience get the hell off of her phone? You have Michael Pollan in front of you. So incredibly rude.

  8. The micro dosing with psychedelics and the placebo effect — is the same placebo effect found with Homeopathic "medicine" or even with chiropractic cures. 

    The doctors tend to have a huge Nocibo effect with their stupid uninformed comments than a placebo effect and this is a result of the way they practice medicine, the cover-your-ass-medicine.

  9. So a friend of mine in the 90s had a water sensory deprivation tank, basically he had salt water and a bathtub with a lid on it… he used it several times a week… so one day his out-of-town visiting sister asks him innocently "don't you ever get claustrophobic in there??!! I could NEVER do that for more than five minutes!!" and from then he was unable to use it because he got CLAUSTROPHOBIC after that ONE suggestion…. that fucking nocibo effect idiot people have on others is incredible. That fat bitch with nervous ticks fucked it all up for him.

  10. The first white guy with a question… shit dude scared of drugs much?

    "How do you not kill a person coming off a trip?"
    Maybe by not already being psychotic??? Jesus christ…

  11. There is no “self” in the mind. 9/10 of the brain is unconsciously driven and the different parts of the brain act as a committee. The self is constructed psychadelics help you to see that

  12. I liked this talk, but had to laugh a bit at his claim that there's a breathing exercise that allows you to exhale more than you inhale …hmmm 24:15

  13. If you are going to quote the lyrics from Tomorrow Never Knows, do you your research and get it right.

  14. there was not 35 years of lost research, it just went underground and they have been using it ever since

  15. Me again. You have no reason to trust me when I tell you 1tsp of Kratom tossed down with lots of water, will relieve severe depression in 5 minutes. Watch youtube "Chris Bell on Kratom". Good cheer . . .

  16. Michael, had to come over here because comments were not allowed on your video on mushrooms and Maria Sabina. As a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner of 19+ years, I followed your experience exactly, INCLUDING Maria Sabina. Please read an English version of The Heart Sutra . . . blast your mind! You experienced Emptiness! Which is what I try to cultivate each morning with a page-long version. DMT gave you a moment of what is called the BlissVoid. All is love. You are all. And we are empty. To me, it is like I become a floating eyeball without the eye . . . just pure awareness, with no beginning and no end. I just need a guide because I am a crone, old dancer (your Elder! snork 1952). It is Maria Sabina, I believe. Thank you. Much gratitude. ms. mickeypamo

  17. 18:20 – Just so people know, the experience of which he speaks here, is attainable without drugs, plants or chemicals. It happened to (what used to be) me. The substances CAN give you a glimpse, though. And that glimpse may impel you to find out how to make these brain-changes permanent. They CAN be made permanent.

  18. What a load of neo-liberal extremist propaganda – more middle class and rich pig solutions for their pathetic weak cultural group.  While disabled and poor HAVE NO CHOICE but live with violence and degradation being told by the government and maggots like Michael Pollan that THEY CAN CHANGE THEIR MIND.  WTF are you people on, how ignorant, deluded and insane can you be exactly – or do you love advancing the rich and persecuting the poor for profit – for jobs????

  19. Screw Michael Pollan. He's late to the show and has only taken a handful of "trips," yet he's the "go to guy?" Hogwash!

  20. Best talk I have hear on Google. Great speaker, can express complicated subjects in an easy to understand, enjoyable manner without dubbing down.

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