1. I was recommended to go on medical marijuana due to my medical issues and I was considering it getting off opioid pain management prescription drugs issued by my doctor. But it is my understanding that in Florida and I am unsure of other States but those precribed medical marijuana are required to give up their driving Privilege and rights to bare arms. Neither of those I am willing to give up. Once marijuana does become recreational though in Florida, I am hoping that marajuna helps me with the pain and reduces or elliminate the precribed pain pills issued. I can not test it now as I have drug test often and my doctor would terminate my contract if found in my system in which I can not afford being that I have surgeries in my right foot at least once a month.

    I am told my medications are more powerful in pain control over marijuana as well and my pain medications are stronger than 99.5% of all hospital emergency room issued medicine even issued for trama cases. I can bare some pain though so it's worth a try to use marijuana ( though much weaker) if marajuna helps me reduce if not totally gets me off these pills. I am unsure the strongest marjuana is on the market but I would imagine with me taking near the strongest allowed pills on the market today, the marajuna dose most likely would need to be the strongest in my situation.

  2. You'd have to be an idiot to buy it from an Ohio dispensary unless you're absolutely desperate. Second-highest prices in the country, it's a joke.

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