medical marijuana plants under 15 lights, mid flower, Best hydroponic nutrients EVER!

I plan to make a lot more videos covering all sorts of different topics such as the grow techniques I use, how I step up plants/mixing Coco and perlite, how I mix …


  1. I love you videos I used to grow back in my day but I'm too old now don't have the time but in your video you mentioned that you get you do send medical marijuana to people for free just pay for shipping and me and my wife need some cannabis and if you could let me know more about how to get in touch with you that would be great we will definitely pay for shipping so if you are really serious and true what you said I would definitely like to benefit with your generosity thank you

  2. I watch almost all the videos u put out, but I just don't 👍(LIKE) em all. Don't wanna fill up my playlist… but other than that, good job with the videos u put out bro! Shits 💯!! 😑👐😁👍💯

  3. Shine a decent flash light with your camera or up close to the bud your showing up close.. that be cool!

  4. Keep making your videos plz , I watch and learn every video. I rather watch your video than TV and I do .
    Its positive , it's great education for me and my future with cannabis. Thankyou 👍

  5. I’ve applied online at NPK with no feedback. My cannabis not only sold out at Cannabis Cup but never sold for less than $320/z. I know I’m a small potato but I can grow fire and have no problem telling people what I use. I’d love some help in getting my hands on your nutrient line on our beer budget

  6. Man I'm in NC and would love to have a garden like that. I'm also disabled and hoping and waiting for my state to get there act together and legalize. I would like just to be able to grow my own. But you have it all together. NICE!!

  7. But I want to try a new plant food.

    I ise specific microbes… Silica… Folvic amd hunic acid…

    Bit I'll try a new nutrient line. Was not impressed with Remo… Didnt like GH… Not a fan of advamced nutrients… So I use this Dutch line of nutes along with my other stuff.

  8. Hey.. What the neck.

    How can I get to use those nutes man??? Where do I send you money???

  9. It looks just like my Purple trainwreck from HSO.

    Pest managememt… Silica regiment… Makes pests hate the taste and you'll get fewer pests as a by product along with massive stalks.

  10. I am a new medical patient in Oklahoma and getting ready to start my first grow indoors. Any of these tutorial videos help a ton. Thank you.

  11. Broken Arrow Oklahoma here. I am a fan bro. That is a beautiful garden. I’m on my first grow and I am using live soil. But on my next grow I am interested in using nutrients. I am interested in your line.

  12. Live the videos, I would really enjoy more active videos showing removing the leaves and more aggressive bending.

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