Medical Marijuana Now Legal in Majority of US States

Last Tuesday, Arkansas became one of 28 U.S. states to legalize the medical use of marijuana. Another 8 states have passed laws allowing its recreational use.


  1. Still Arkansas cancer victims dying with absolutely no cannabis relief allowed in November 2018. Making up every excuse they can to not give the majority of voters what they want.

  2. Any Politician that would vote to make this poison legal does not care about you or the consequences to young people of what will happen to them when they smoke this addictive garbage. Its greed, self interest and corruption that motivates these Bastards. If you smoke Marijuana the noxious fumes and chemicals will shorten your life span… The human lungs were designed to breath normal air. Not the smoke that comes from Marijuana. I don’t need statistics and numbers to tell me that. Why do you need to get high by smoking Marijuana? Why do you need to suck this cancer into your lungs? For pain? Take an aspirin… When you are 60. If you live that long? You will be that smelly pale old man or old lady with emphysema holding on to a green oxygen tank riding around Walmart on that electric handicap cart spending your welfare check.

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