Medical Marijuana HIGH CBD, LOW THC Strain AC/DC, Week 8 of Flower

AC/DC is a strain that is very high in CBD and low in THC. This genetic is good for making edibles that are high in CBD, but still contain enough THC to be …


  1. Guys, I am growing with nutrients.  As one of the original test users I got to help dial it in to what you see in this video. Attention Growers: They are still giving away free nutruents

  2. I would love to grow this for my 73 yr old exmother inlaw. Shes getting to smashed off reg high CBD weed it's to strong shes had to stop using it but she really missed the benefits of CBD ?

  3. West Virginia Dave, Ac/Dc is for me.Sure would like to know just how she turns out, CBD -THC. Stay Blessed my friends.

  4. I LOVE ACDC, it helps with Everything Wizard Kings! The high CBD and the THC content make it the perfect strain for those with any pain etc. Without a Doubt,
    I Believe Cannabis Is The Best Plant in the World.
    Keep it growing bros. Peace.

  5. Your knowledge of properties in each plant is fascinating. Good content in each video you do. Much appreciated!

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