1. Wisconsin Rep. Melissa Sargent stands out for supporting full legalization of marijuana in Wisconsin and I support her. Marijuana has medical uses including treatment of pain, loss of apatite, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Macular Degeneration, depression and insomnia. It does not have the physical addiction issues of opiods and as a recreational drug, does not come close to having all the drawbacks of alcohol. Legalize it. Impaired driving from marijuana use is a concern, but look at how Wisconsin has failed to protect the public from drunk drivers. When arrested, they are released from jail before they are sober and often re-offend the same day. Drunk driving is not even a criminal offense in Wisonsin and those convicted can avoid jail time altogether, yet being caught possessing marijuana can send you to federal prison after conviction. If convicted of growing it, you can lose your home and property. The amount of money spent to enforce marijuana laws, send offenders to court, jail and prison is immense. Governor Walker's legislature took away the collective bargaining rights of Wisconsin teachers so their pay has not allowed them to keep even with inflation, much less make them feel like appreciated, valued members of society. The condition of Wisconsin roads is near the bottom of the list in the United States. The legislature refuses to raise gas taxes to fund road repairs and my car pays the price which is at the root of why I want to see more money go to road repairs. Full legalization of marijuana in Wisconsin will bring a new industry to the state which means new jobs and is a taxable product which will bring money into the state budget. What's not to like about full legalization of marijuana in Wisconsin? Nothing as far as I am concerned. Contact your legislators and tell them to support full legalization of marijuana in Wisconsin. Go one step further and tell US Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson to change Federal law and take marijuana off the list of Schedule 1 narcotics. It is a beneficial treatment for many ailments without the physically addictive properties of Opiods which are in the same list of federally controlled substances . Include discussion of possessing and cultivation of marijuana plants in your discussions with your US Senators and US Representatives. People can make their own beer, wine and other alcohol products in their own homes in this country, but face losing their homes and property for growing pot. That's bullshit. Help change this.

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