1. Got 5 Krystalicas going on .. hope I don't get too many males like the last time I tried non-feminized. (5 of 5 males!)

  2. The girls are looking great in the flower room .
    Wish I had that amount of space, but doing well with what I've got. And I finally have gotten around to running a couple of UGL strains. Can't wait to see how they go. Cheers brother

  3. Looks like you knocking out again JJ. I wish I lived in a free state and could try to match your garden. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Think you may have some light stressed plants there, leaves are praying a little too high as if they are trying to angle away from the light

  5. Man those bigger veg plants were hacked to death. Plant is struggling with nute issues and maybe cold. Surprised you’d strip it down to nothing as I’d expect it to not recover correctly for a long time

  6. Nice setup hell yeah looking good JJ you got it together keep up the good work sir keep a growing keeps you happy keeps you healthy stay lifted everybody have a nice Saturday he he he

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