Medical Marijuana Ad Gets Banned From Super Bowl

Why did this Medical Marijuana ad get banned from the Super Bowl? Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below! Help build the …


  1. Shout out to TYT’s own Malcolm Fleschner for boycotting the NFL (really wish everyone would do the same… thank you fantasy football for making that highly unlikely). Thanks for highlighting ass-backwardness of the NFL because, fuck the NFL.

  2. Free Speech….. except then your advocating for anything we disagree with… or makes me free uncomfortable.

  3. The majority of the country supports legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. People who are against it better get out of the fucking way or get run over. The shit is going to happen, and I don't want to hear the revisionist history that they were for it all along.

  4. About a month ago y'all changed. And I'm pretty sure its quite obvious by the comment section, but I know you can't bring it back to the days with Jason, but at least give us something other then a political sports channel. What happened to most recent crew?

  5. To the people that are commenting "I'm unsubscribing" I bet y'all weren't subscribed in the first place

  6. Man, this channel has changed so much. Not in a bad way or anything, you new guys are doing good but I subbed to the channel for that duo of Jason and Francis and mostly for their basketball content.

  7. I came for sports not for your political agenda, I’m all for weed but fuck y’all need to stop bitching and moaning pushing it on to others I’m unsubing.

  8. may unsubscribe, back to the good stuff! I want to see a sports channel that makes me forget politics rather all this media bias (and I agree to an extent with tis video, but pls)

  9. Is it the NFL or the network airing the Super Bowl that has final say over the commercials?
    How about we contact our government officials to declassify marijuana first. Once that's done the NFL and/or networks won't have much to stand on.

  10. I didn't realize how liberal Rick Strom was, any video he does by himself, it's very liberal, I come to sports to not listen to politics because it's overall toxic, I don't need to hear this shit

  11. Wether you like the reasoning behind this cannabis commercail or not, its not up to you. This channel and every other media outlet talking bad or good about this are all irrelavent as fuck. The NFL owns the supperbowl so why should it not be up to them wether this commercail airs or not

  12. The NFL has been so anti weed for years, there’s no way that they would allow a medical marijuana that can potentially make them look stupid to play during the super bowl

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