Matthew McConaughey Goes Undercover to Get People “High”

Matthew McConaughey was here last night with Snoop Dogg promoting their new movie “The Beach Bum.” In the movie Matthew plays a guy named “Moondog” …


  1. I did this to one of my older brothers friend 30 years ago with dark Christmas cake know one wanted! We had like 12 lbs of it !why I don't know! Told him it was black hash cake which my buddy Vince and I had smoked so we were blitzed! He ate a whole pound and said he was so high that he didn't leave his house for five days and asked for more! Ha ha power of suggestion to weak minds

  2. Matthew called for Bertie Higgins to appear in The Beach Bum. Matthew and Bertie are in the opening scene of the movie singing Bertie's big hit song "Key Largo" on stage together. He loves Bertie Higgins and his trop- rock music. Go check out Bertie's classic song Key Largo to see why Matthew is such a big fan and friend. I am Bertie's booking agent. For booking, one of Matthew's favorite entertainers call 615-830-7121.

  3. It's not right to not give people real thc, the world would be a better place if everyone were stoned😑

  4. You can’t get high that fast lmao takes awhile for the liver to convert it into 11-hydroxy than you start to feel it. The power of placebo is what he’s doing lol

  5. The power of suggestion. Snoop just makes the suggestion more powerful, with the validation of an authority figure. Bust out the Stanley Milgram. Through I wonder if the fact that their is a camera present effect the possibility that the suggestion will be acted upon and the type of person who is willing to participate, using the observer effect.

  6. california, reaks of FRUITS AND NUTS ON THAT SIDEWALK …Ratings FOR THAT SHOW NOW , lower than homedepot ads@@@..i do like moondog/MATT

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