1. Pot is Actually a Healthy superfood – No high if Not Heated above 200 degrees. There is more sorcery on grocery store shelves than in a plant growing up from the ground. There is no sorcery in non-manipulated vegetation. When Daniel ate only things that grew, he was eating purity that God provided. The cannabis plant arrives no differently from the other vegetables in the Daniel approved produce isle. To claim that God lied about ALL seed bearing plants is a travesty unto yourself. Let God be true and EVERY man a liar. fb= Utilize Potman

  2. It interests me that cannabis is portrayed as a modern problem, but according to the information in this video, it used to be a normal part of American pharma.

  3. I can't help thinking why we are not using Henry Fords 1941 car technology to make bikes! The strongest soft fiber on Earth, "cannabis", made his car half the weight of other cars and parts of the car were "10 times" Stronger and Lighter than steel! If you think, that's a shame, listen to this, if it were not for protecting corporate interests since 1937, we All should be living in houses built with hemp-crete! Stronger, lighter, more breathable, stores carbon, reduces heating and cooling costs, fire, mold and bug resistant while creating personal freedom, environmental and biological Sustainability.If we all utilized pot, it would be as cheap as dirt. — and then there's the medical aspect. Pot is the worlds most versatile medicine, even as the best anti inflammation medicine we know of. It cures 34 different types of cancers (so far) and eating it raw (plant & seeds) are "preventative medicine". Eating it is natural and does not get you high, it has to heated above 200 degrees. We (all mammals) co-evolved eating this plant for the last billion years. Can you say the words; Panacea, Con Job and Cover Up.
    100 years ago, "they" took away Cannabis and Replaced all natural healing substances with inferior "Chemical" substitutes! 100 yrs. ago, cancer killed 1 out of 20 Americans, cancer has steadily increased to todays rate of 1 out of 2 (Half of US)! ''Cannabioid Deficiencies" are killing US!. People don't want to believe Our Presidents Lie about Pot, most people think, If the gov. had a Cure for cancers & diseases, they would tell us, they don't get it, if the gov. came clean about their 1974 research, etc., they would be in big trouble! We are constantly Lied to about pot, Corps. have Trillions of $ to Loose if we became Educated and changed our very flawed infrastructures! The Encyclopedia Britannica has verifiable info (also produced on Hemp paper for the last 150 years). G.Washinton, Ben Franklin, T. Jefferson, etc. All knew Cannabis as their SALVATION just like WE should have! Franklins started the First paper mill using pot/hemp. Education is Everything, if the majority knew what is happening to the planet because of flawed energy systems and using up nonrenewable natural resources ( because of greed), they would know that Tesla, Diesel, Ford, etc., Natural Energy Solutions (NES) were Buried! The Earth is being Poisoned to death, it could have been completely different. Utilizing Cannabis is the most Sustainable change We can make! 'Pot" was never about "getting high". it was about Suppressing NES's! We co-evolved Eating the Non-Lethal Pot, it IS meant to be Eaten, it IS part of Our physiology, it Repairs our DNA, it IS the most Nutritious Vegetable with 68% Edistin, for our Immune system, more than any other plant in the plant kingdom. Recognize Science! ''They" keep saying; there is NOT enough Research on Pot, when ''they" are the one's who've made it ILLEGAL (proper research) for the last 80 YEARS! The Health Benefits are for Everyone! The 50,000 more sustainable uses, Environmental and Biological, is the Goal! We ALL could have been PROSPEROUS selling scraps of "Pot" to all industrial facilities to process. Ford wanted US ALL to "easily" grow & sell the most versatile plant! Prohibition of Alcohol was Never about getting "Drunk", just like Prohibition of pot was never about "Getting High"! Before the prohibition of alcohol, Henry Ford was constructing cars completely made from and fueled by hemp. Ford owned factories that produced ethanol from hemp and other plants. His vision, which would allow America to grow its fuel, was ahead of its time. At one point it is estimated Ford had 25% of the mid-western United States beginning to incorporate bio-fuels into their daily routine. To suppress N.E.S.."they" murdered Diesel , then put Fords engines in Nazi trucks and labeled him a Nazi, also why we never Learned about N. Tesla – alcohol and pot prohibition was never getting drunk or high, it was about Suppressing Natural Energy Solutions (not destroying the Earth from every angle because we did Not utilize Cannabis)! potman .org
    fb = Utilize Potman – The only pattern is that ALL shooters were on or abruptly quit Pharma meds – pot has the potential to help treat ALL Neurological Disorders! Our most common cancers & diseases are actually a result from cannabinoid deficiencies. fb= Utilize Potman

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