Marijuana Stocks: What Could Go Wrong?

If you’re tempted to buy marijuana stocks, you’re not alone. The marijuana market is valued at more than $150 billion annually and momentum to legalize it in …


  1. Aurora predicted to grow as quickly as Canopy , a company with much more expansion capacity and does more then just grow or produce marijuana. What is long term outlook for both companies is Aurora just as good an investment?

  2. If you held on through the dotcom bust till today you're doing pretty ok with Google and Amazon. Maybe it is a bubble, maybe 8 in 10 companies die off, but maybe some of the companies of today are the big winners later. I'm just going with ETFs that index them all.

  3. "We don't know if there's an unknown consequence out there"

    You guys must not be from California. There are no unforseen consequences that haven't already been discovered out here. So, smoke weed everyday

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