1. Dan thank you for all of the insight and approach to the sector! We all really appreciate it. When are you going to add SNDL to your watchlist on upcoming videos?

  2. Great video as always DAN! On your example with IAN, offloading (a lodd i presume) and reloading cheaper, is that strategy to offset gains for tax related purps or?

  3. Bro…u would kill it on wall street, u never take a loss account at all time highs, i left for a while i came back and u still killing it. Lots of funds taking losses in the street but u Dan the Man are inmune. Take my advice and go work for renaissance tech, u will be the most famous trader of all time.

  4. Can you look at PLPRF us ticker. Plus products. Been going up for five days. I bought at 2.60 us. Has tight float. Really good management.

  5. Hi Dan, is there a single book on technical analysis (relatively advanced) that you would recommend please? There isn't much for the modern era. I know it's all subjective but maybe one you read and went WoW P. S when are you going to write one 😉 many thanks in advance

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