1. I don't agree with Dan. If I had to choose OH or TRUL today that is an easy choice… TRUL. They are just at different points in the cycle but if you look at the highs for this year they are both down around the same.

  2. Dan truthfully, theres a lot more u deserve in credit then u get. Big ups to u for all this sharing and consistency

  3. Would love to hear some market psychology talk in upcoming videos of when you think this downtrend will break. I recall you saying a few months ago that it was now the time where you (paraphrasing) were calling your friends and family members who don't trade, to start looking at taking longer term positions in some companies like IAN. Just curious of what you would say to them at this point when they are deep in the red. Hold? Are you still bullish that we're going to see a hype market again in the fall? Thanks Dan.

  4. Could you address the psychology of bears not taking profit such as bulls would (and everyone would be screaming for bulls to) take profit? After a 4 month downtrend into almost all time frames up to and including the weekly being oversold, and heading into a support level?

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