1. Thanks dan, I do bitcoin but mmj opened my eyes. I just opened an account and am trading for a company. Thanks dan. Let this guy talk I had a hundred bucks 1.5 years. Not today !

  2. With Interactive Brokers, I can place a stop loss on OTC names. That's interesting you can't. I wonder if they are doing something different to allow that to happen.

  3. CGC hasn't been correlated with SPY in ages, why did you all of the sudden feel like it would correlate today?

  4. kinda curious abou that market order. that would scare me if it took 8.5 minutes to fill. I'd be worried about running up the price and getting a bad fill. Were you? curious what your cost average came out to be over those 8 minutes, and what it was when you placed it

  5. You got a beautiful place Dan, I'm jealous lol. I want to get into real estate game but not enough capital (yet) lol. Let's go MJ sector!!

  6. bears chippin away nicely at the bulls in background (P.S to add to ur point OH 10M Float is a lot lower then many MJ names

  7. I appreciate when you explain your mind set/strategy.  As such, your videos are never too long and thanks for taking time to share.

  8. Technical Analysis mixed in with ducks bears perennials and hardwood flooring where else would I find all of that ….take all the time you want Dan ..LOL good stuff

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