1. Here from your recommendation on the crypto vid ~ time to start researching me again and trying to bring crypto lessons to any future MJ bull runs. I feel so much more confident looking at an MJ bear market having just gone through the crypto winter.
    Congratulations on your new home, it’s beautiful πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Dan. What do you make use of to buy these types of stocks? I’m all in the Crypto space and looking at investing some profits in Canopy Growth. Just want to know if there is an app or platform you would suggest?

  3. Hi Dan, I have been without my Mac for quite a few months and because of that couldn't quite seem to be able to comment on your videos from my iphone…BUT I definitely wanted to thank you for getting the names on the charts! And I am so happy you have found the proper nest! I am very curious as to what you will make of it; I wish you immense well-being there. Can't wait to see it all running. Love that barn, lucky goats! Y

  4. Also rent a solid cutter and use a pitch fork to step the area you want for the wild flower. Rent a husqvarna one i'f you can it easy to operate

  5. Hey bro. You should go buy a pump that has a uv. Light will help with pond water without chemicals. With the money helps control the algae. Where do u live. ?

  6. You know why the sector held up well even though SPY was weak ? Because there is barely anyone left to sell lol

  7. Australis Capital green…been in a long consolidation..if MJ market turns, it will be an easy double and more.

  8. Looks like you're gonna need a window cleaner.. lol.

    If I had to do my place ove again. I'd place my beds apart enough to run a lawn mover with a bagger through. Congrats man. Fun journey

  9. Butterfly Bush really attracts butterflies. Full sun. Mulberry tree for birds. Russian sage for bees. Dwarf fruit trees are awesome. For some real fun grow some Shitake mushrooms. Fungi Perfecti Thx again.

  10. I don't Know SO I'll Ask: Do you make More Money If People Watch The Commercials and Not Use The SKIP Option? I hope so because I've been sitting thru them For You up to now AND I dislike Commercials…..Peace

  11. IAN PYX TLRY MMNFF…see a pattern? Yourr absolutely right about the most beat up/bearish names, standing out as lead bulls in sea of red/weakness

  12. Dropped Curaleaf from the analysis I see. Don’t blame you it’s done nothing but stay in a range with little volume. Hit a triple bottom today though.

  13. Congrats on the new property, Dan.Β  I'm certain you will create a great environmentally friendlyΒ home for your animals.

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