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  2. Very common for VFF to slightly dip below a support line before it changes direction. Almost a signature move of this name.

  3. IAN was the only US red ticker on my watchlist today :/ what a dog right now. Its oversold on the daily again already even after management reversed their action, which was the whole reason it even broke its monthly uptrend to begin with.

  4. Australis Capital in a very tight coil that could really move in a huge way should sentiment shift in the US

  5. Have you ever eaten the zucchini blossoms? If you haven't they are good. You break out the stem in side the flower (I cant remember the proper name) then put a small chunk of Parmesan inside and lightly batter and a quick pan fry.

  6. You can eat zucchini flowers should you wish. Eat the male flowers so the females can continue do their thing and bear fruit.

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