1. How to get into the chat room? would love to see your insight real time and possibly contribute with an extra pair of eyes

  2. Dan, don't sweat the haters who accuse you of not buying.  Only thing that matters is that your account is growing.  Even if you weren't buying everything you share is spot on as far as scaling in and out.  I got in ITHUF one day too early and didn't buy the last low coz I was afraid of bag holding.  So not ideal timing for maximum profit, but I'm learning.  As always, thanks for sharing.

  3. I think take profit and give away cheap shares is not worth at this point, these US mj stocks already pull back more than half, if it will still drop 20%, the upside is bigger than this.

  4. Man with IAN breaking the low of the little bounce on Friday it stopped me out of this trade last week…then this. Where do you place your stops on these oversold bounce plays? That just killed me placing it at the low of the dump last week.

  5. CAN MJ still has large fall catalyst with vapes and edibles. I'm all over that US MJ potential but the horse up here still has rows to ho.

  6. Smart money is accumulating TGOD now. It will be among the biggest producers and the market currently underestimates organic cannabis.

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