1. Dan, nice Costa Rica gig! You don't cover ZYNE? Why is that? Too pharma? I picked up some shares with my $'s from a timely exit of IIPR @84.20 with a limit sell after hours. Thanks again. How about making some kind of bet where, if you lose, you have to shave your head!

  2. 2500% Breakout expected with Very CHEAP Marijuana stock (FTEG), 24 Million Shares owned pennies on the dollar, eventually sold for ONLY 1 cent price bounce is $240,000 in gains

  3. Fyi, the focus is shifting to extraction companies as Canada legalizes vapes and edibles that use cannabis oils.

    That's why labs and some other companies are on fire.

  4. Are the US stocks supposed to slump in the summer or just the Canadian stocks? Seems like a lot of catalysts could happen.

  5. Thanks T3!!! Didn’t realize TLRY was in the 50’s… watching for that bottom bounce 🇨🇷 🤙🏾

  6. Jedi Master Dan moral of the story … the Dark side may be approaching … prepare yourself !!!!!

  7. Not sure what my plan is yet…. I'm thinking about pulling out half of everything… and letting the other half ride through the summer…. I dunno.

    I hate watching my account number shrink…. but I also hate being on the outside looking in, when a stock has big news and runs 30%

  8. IMO Tilray is a falling knife and with all the negative fundamentals right now I wouldn’t touch it even for an oversold bounce

  9. I'm back to all cash, I felt like risk/reward ratio wasn't favorable anymore – telling myself I won't FOMO into anything until I see a major pull back. Keeping my eyes on bitcoin though!

  10. When does your transfer clear, if you don't mind me asking? I don't think you were the only one. Also MARA 4-1 reverse split… Perhaps a lead indicator for block chain stocks?

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