1. Thanks so much for the video Dan. I made some good decisions yesterday… and one really bad one. (bought TRUL at 21.10… thinking it was going to bounce, lost some money overall, but successfully mitigated my losses by remaining calm at least)

  2. Hemperor is great, just tried it earlier this week.

    Old Rasputin one of my favorites as well.

    Thanks for the vid!

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  4. Great video. I'm all in on labs at the moment. Live right near the headquarters and the place is hopping.

  5. Cut: TRST, PLTH, LABS, TLIT, IIPR, KHRN, CVSI, at least. IMO. Maybe even TLRY till it goes back to bull.

  6. Also, if anyone trades Forex or is interested in learning, a good friend of mine and I have set up a chatroom on Discord. We'll be holding webinars in the near future, currently post trade setups, post trade results, etc. Anyone interested just needs to download Discord and can join using this link: https://discord.gg/tvASqXD
    Never hurts to diversify your trading. Cheers

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