1. I would love to hear your take on 5 minute Oversold RSI bounce strategies. I got caught a couple of times during this session trying to make entries off the 5 min rsi touching 30 and below, but doing this yesterday, and most often, just gets me stopped out. How do we distinguish a bottom without catching the falling knife?

  2. That Russia mob part was fun, i wish i could have a advanture like yours someday, but i already got chained up by my wife.

  3. Cron has weekly RSI bearish divergence, suggesting this is toppy and retest of the previous high is likely. CGC has a RSI bearish swing failure setup looking like a downward break due to the weekly equilibrium. The MJ ETF same as GCG. If those are your leaders that's likely sector consolidation coming.

  4. Thanks for the analysis as usual! Love the free camping and swimming holes recommendation. Will check it out in the future.

  5. Thanks for this Dan! I love how you can turn Missouri into the coolest place. I also enjoy how you analyze the trees falling together like Bull Break into a Big Foot Break.

  6. Thanks for the analysis as always, and for the story telling Dan. My girlfriend is Russian, they don't know what good weed is.

  7. SPY was giving me a 5 minute look into the future for ACB and CRON. Problem is I didn't realize it until I lost all my gains from yesterday. Ouch!

  8. Being a new comer to your channel, I appreciate the quality of your content. Thank you for sharing a gem of your trip/camping experience. What a pleasant surprise!

  9. ACB almost had the same daily trading volume today, as it did yesterday. Today it correlated with SPY, but yesterday it didn't. What am I missing?

  10. I had a great laugh about Kansas as I rode across the USA last summer on my bike. I was thinking that’s funny I I thought it was flat and could not get across quick enough into Colorado. Lol Thanks for sharing Dan

  11. Thanks for adding your reasoning for getting in and out of trades. I sometimes forget to factor in volume and that's obviously a mistake.

  12. hey Dan, IIPR ? so if it fills that gap cool but what about spy? if it consolidates for a week or 2 do you still think it will perform and bounce. from a swing prospective. or will spy drag it down with the sector.

  13. Thanks again Dan. Watching your videos has become part of my daily routine, you say do good things well you do that every time you upload these videos. I learn so much about the psychology of trading. Before finding your videos i thought technical analysis was a load of b/s….how wrong was I. I don't day or swing trade…I choose stocks based on fundamentals so that I can buy and hold but i choose my entry points based on the technical analysis that I have been learning from you and other resources. Thank you once again….wishing you peace, love and positivity! 🙂

  14. @thechartguys and or anyone; not quite sure what is meant by correlation as an indicator of sorts. Seems you can only realize after the fact; unless I'm missing something.

  15. Why does IIPR draw so many dislikes? I appreciate ChartGuys covering it but I also don't understand why the larger potstock community has no love for it. I've done my fundamental research. What am I missing?

  16. I dont watch the videos i read the summarys but i appreciate you taking the time to do this and will continue liking and occasionally commenting as my small thanks

  17. Thanks again Dan…Great video!…Love hearing your comments like red flags to look out for and how you take the time to point them out and break them down….You are a solid guy sharing your experience….Cheers!

  18. No N ticker? Huuugeee dump today after they were halted and some bad fundamental news were announced …its like you always say all these days of N being lead bear has been giving us clues to todays price action (insiders selling or going short)

  19. So did you incur any type of a loss on ACB or CRON as a result of swinging overnight as opposed to had you sold into strength in the last 5 minutes of yesterday ?

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