1. My journey starts here with $25,000.00. You will be able to see how I turn $25,000.00 into over a million dollars in the next two years. I make videos to document what can be learned from trading stocks including but not limited to developing the proper mindset and rituals it takes to become successful. The principles I will be teaching can be applied to achieve whatever goals you have set out for yourself.

  2. Thanks for the videos Dan
    I have been listening to your videos for a while now, and because of them, I now have a better understanding of technical analysis. I am visually impaired and I don’t think that I would have understood it if you didn’t make these videos

  3. Hello Dan, I want to send you a gift from Japan in appreciation of what you continuously do for the community. Is there anything you’d like from here? Do you like to cook?

  4. It's fun watching your channel evolve, love what you're doing. #1 on my list of videos I want to watch everyday!

  5. You always say you might not get a video out and I get depressed. Then you put out a video…on time hahaha. CMD is the man!

  6. Thanks Dan! Your insight is amazing. I anticipated an equilibrium today but did not have the guts to buy the morning dip as it reversed after the first 5 min, whereas yesterday it reversed after 35 min. As you pointed out, the recent downtrend made the decision more difficult! Many thanks!

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