1. Dude, you are pretty funny! LOL, attractive voice goat, wasted a good 10 minutes this morning before the market and cracked up! watching goats! Ahahaa, and its also going for a pullback! WTF, Genius.

  2. Hey Dan , I watch all of your ads on your videos fully through! Could you please do some chart analysis on LABS Medipharm labs

  3. Hey Dan, no wonder you've been able to do so well with indicators like that! 😀

    I was just curious about swing entries. I thought you had previously said its a good idea to make an entry, and if it's going your way to add (on a dip). I'm seeing this as a viable strategy to minimize risk off the get-go with less on the line to possibly get stopped out on a tight stop loss if bottom fishing.

    Recently you've said you make your entry and scale out. I know your strategy has changed over the past couple years, I just want to make sure my strategy doesn't have anything inherently wrong with it.

  4. Go Dan, Take the money and run. But I actually miss the days when weed was illegal . If I didn't eat the whole brownie my kids friend gave me I would feel different probably. I did not realize a brownie could do that to a grown man. Great video.

  5. Rotating money wether spy goes up or down…into mj sector sends this higher…
    Small cap to mid cap growth is where money is flowing

  6. Your videos are simply not to be missed…..informative and funny! I can't thank you enough for everything you do! By the way, I was one of those OGI profit takers today, she's turned on me in the past so I had to remain protective. Thanks again for allowing me to break the chains of Corporate America!

  7. Thanks for the details at the end, in particular the goat charting looks really solid, although I wouldn't trust those birds

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