1. if people like the content you wouldn't need to ask twice for them to like. not saying this isn't good , keep up the great analysis.

    maybe you should engage more of your subscribers and be more happy haha

  2. Thanks dan your awesome even if you don’t make the videos for me I still appreciate the extra work you do

  3. Hello dan can you please do me a favor. I would really appreciate if u made one video of charts in forex like eur/us AUD/US and GBP/USD. I currently am not in any positions but am very curious to see if you chart it normally like everything else. Also sorry to be a pest and please don’t block me but I’m gunna post this under a few videos to make sure, you see it. Thank you also I live and work on a farm horses mostly. I usto ride appaloosas but not anymore.

  4. Dan, is there a point and time where every successful trader has a light bulb moment and thinks ‘I think I’ve figured out how to read charts’. I’ve been at this a year and the list of criteria I now follow has given me that feeling in recent days. I’m seeing entries and openings and nailing bottoms on swing trades.

  5. Hit the like button folks. Can you take a look at some of the MJ picks I’ve been looking at? MJNA NWRUF LSHIF

  6. Good morning! Dan, you are the best! I ALWAYS insta-like the videos each and every time. Make sure to open the video and like right away, that way you don’t forget. I know I love Dans amazing analysis, his witty humor, magnificent style, and his in depth look at the psychological side of it all. Remember everyone, these are free for us! Let’s help by liking or commenting as much as possible. Dan is THE MAN! Thanks again Dan!

  7. Love this Analysis and I look forward to it everyday. Would super like it if you wore a funny hat…

  8. Hey I appreciate everything you do for the crypto and mj videos, I'm sure the others are as good too, it's just not something I'm interested in. You do great work that helps a lot of people learn and improve, please don't give up!

  9. Dan, you are a very altruistic person and apologize I am guilty of forgetting to like your videos. Thank you for your daily input. You've taught me a lot. Don't be discouraged because your guidance is very much appreciated!

  10. I know it's a problem for yter because in topics like chart there are more adult people I think and they do not use like button like kids do. So I don't think it's about don't liking ur content, it's just older people which aren't fimilar with liking… Keep on man;)

  11. Regular listener, but I never log in. Your content is a valuable tool for entry and trimming tops bought too high.

  12. To be fair, 5% likes only suggest people don't care about the like function, or they are lazy. If you would have 95% dislikes, then it tells you people doesn't like your content.

  13. Yesterday you had 0 dislikes. I think people are liking you man. But every time I tune in. I'll make sure I give you a thumbs up.

  14. Thanks Dan, I watch your MJ @ Broad Market videos every day. They have helped me come a better trader and and without them I would of washed out a long time ago.

  15. Damn I wasn't liking the videos because I LOVED them 😀

    (just kidding I have liked all your videos that I have watched)

  16. I like your vids before the intro even finishes. Instead of threatening to stop content, just give us a "Remember to like and subscribe" at some point in each video.

    You seem down in the dumps to today Dan, Valentine's got you down? We appreciate you buddy 👍.

  17. I cant speak for everyone but I personally did not know likes had such a big impact but I guess it makes sense. I've learned a majority of what I know about technical analysis from your videos and I will certainly give them a like. Thanks Dan.

  18. started the vid on one computer and finished on another. 2 views. 2 likes from separate accounts. 😀 I'm really happy to see the amount of likes and comments…You've created a wonderful thing, Dan. You deserve the communities support!

  19. Thank you Dan. I'm sure the discrepancy is because people are generally lazy but I assure you your videos are very much appreciated. Thanks again for your insight and time.

  20. Just so you know, when I watch your vids on my phone from inside Reddit, there is no way to like the video. Thanks for all your work!

  21. Hi Dan! Appreciate the reminder to like your videos. I greatly appreciate each MJ video you put out. I’ve learned a ton on TA from watching your videos! Thanks again and do good things!

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