1. Question…When you say price has to break above a certain level on a daily chart to confirm a trend change, Do you mean it has to CLOSE above that level that day or just break it even if it closes down from that level?

  2. I made some big mistakes at the end of 2018, beginning of 2018 and the majority are still in the red. Don’t have a job or cash that I can average down with so i’ve just been forced to hold. But it’s actually been a blessing because i get to watch your videos, soak in the info and now i’m totally unemotional about the everyday swings. Hopefully by late 2019 i’ll be in the green so I can sell, and at that time it’ll be game on with a totally new perspective. Lessons learned indeed.
    Love the farming videos. Wonder what percentage of your audience gets it.

  3. Dan love you, the intro has had "Financial independen—" in the audio it's cut off. It's been that way for a long time hahah

  4. Thanks for the advice at the end, Dan. been a hell of a ride since last dec, but still standing and improving.

  5. Hopefully the lag ACB has right now is for some positive big new s in the near future, again thx dan

  6. What site do you use for longer term rentals? Airbnb doesn't seem like the best source. Parsley, thyme and oregano hold up well even in Canada this time of year, even in pots. Hope your voice holds up! Muchas gracias!

  7. The last comment you made is golden. Thanks for the reminder and for sharing your thoughs on missing the run up.

  8. Thanks Dan for covering TGOD. If you could include it maybe once a week, or so, would be much appreciated. Cheers!

  9. Hey Dan, who’s playing guitar at the end of the video, is that you? Thanks again for your great analysis as always

  10. Thanks for $TGOD!!! I love that you showed how these names are at different places, multiple opportunities if you can time it right

  11. your last comment really hit home man u are right u do learn alot of lessons in this game…so many times i didnt listen to my gut feeling eg had 2 chances to sell ACB when it hit all time highs twice and didnt take 200% gains…averaged down on N and am at 1.67 this time i will sell tomorow hoping for a gap up to squeeze some profit out but atleast ill get back my intial investment and buy in again when it dips because indeed it is way over extended

  12. Also sold all of my CGC for $29.50 yesterday. Kicking myself all day watching it go up. You win some and lose some

  13. Well put closing comments and appreciated, I was one of ‘those’ that got worked over last year in Crypto. I will not be this year, learned a lot, really enjoy your vids. Thank you.

  14. Dan, Bravo on sharing your candid thoughts about missing the run up. We've all wallowed in self-pity and toiled with endless rumination about missing entries and exits. You put the "shoulda ,woulda, coulda" into perspective and allow us to free our minds of that infliction… and move on to a more productive – healthy – attitude.

  15. Part of my New Year resolution was to be ok with missing trades and not revolving my life around trading as much. Last year was my first year and I've learned a lot and a good deal of that comes from these videos and Dan's insight. That said, I finished work up yesterday, the last of eight straight, and while I wanted to be up first thing this morning to try and trade, I decided I'd set an alarm and if I wasnt feeling good enough to get up, I'd just leave be and not stress about it. It feels good (in a weird way) that when I did wake up, saw I missed a lot of action today, I was ok with it. That's big for me (just ask my wife haha). Congrats to the bulls and I'll be patiently waiting on the sidelines for now. Cheers

  16. You are not alone my friend, I sold my ACB which bought yesterday at today's open… totally missed the pump, only got 2%

  17. The wins I had with CGC back in summer-fall 2018 makes FOMOing in now so much harder to resist. Don't know how you keep yourself from chasing euphoria, Dan. Must be practice, I hope.

  18. Buy and hold and buy on dips….this industry is in its infancy…ACB will rule the day….BANK IT

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