1. Yea the Resturant is selling liquor by the drink and there is a drug store on the corner selling synthetic heroin ,two major causes of death in this country each year and they don't seem to care about that. Yet to this day Gods medicine has never killed anyone.
    Can you see the Ignorance?

  2. Wait until bunch of ghetto Escondido people comes RB IT WILL DEFINITELY BRING MORE CRIMES AND CAR THEFT, MORE WORSE THEN IT IS ALREADY LOL!!!

  3. Lol white idiots are probably drunk.. are there liquor stores near by?? 7/11’s are way more sketchy

  4. That's a family oriented shopping center. Same area where they put a Hooters nearby, and it failed. This should remain a restaurant. Families don't want to see a bunch of pot users.

    The liquor store analogy is not applicable.

  5. Why are people so uptight about a store that sells pot? There are stores that alcohol and prescription drugs everywhere. 10 years from now I hope people are looking back on stories like this and thinking how absurd some of these people were.

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