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  2. I've got a small ask for you Dan. When doing the CAD MJ vids would you consider using the Cad version of the tickers such as ACB and CGC? I know the charts will be almost identical but it'd make it just a tad easier when your callin numbers for points of support and resistance and whatnot. Not a big deal but just thought I'd throw that out there. Great coverage as always!

  3. I was wondering maybe you could reach out to the podcast Chat with Traders and get on there as a guest. It would definitely an episode to watch!

  4. Thanks for posting these videos and really enjoying piggybacking on your road trips.  Still learning thanks to Dan doing good things.

  5. Cor·rel·a·tive
    1.having a mutual relationship; corresponding.
    "rights, whether moral or legal, can involve correlative duties"

  6. With a lot of the end of day flushes on Friday I took advantage and moved shares into my TFSA as my contribution at a HUGE discount!! Now they're all recovered XD

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