Marijuana Penny Stocks: Top 3 Nano Caps to Buy (2019)

Marijuana Penny Stocks: Top 3 Nano Caps to Buy (2019) What’s up fam, on this channel, we bring you the newest, hottest and most interesting investment …


  1. Hi Baby. New subscriber here. Bought some PURE 2 days ago and 2 days of red. I think the company has some real potential. In your opinion do you foresee some bull with this stock within the next couple of months, or longer term. Like your Videos very much. Learning alot. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hallo Antonio – de eerste twee waren mij onbekend. Daarentegen ZYNE is eentje die ik al volg sinds 31/7/2017. Stonden toen genoteerd tegen 14,76 $.
    (Dus en kleine 66% lager vandaag – goed instapmoment). Ben nog niet ingestapt – misschien nu het juiste moment. Ik overweeg zeker. Finviz geeft 1.80 buy recommandation) en geeft een target van 18.40 $. Hebben ook geen schuld. Het ga je goed – Belgiumguy🇧🇪

  3. Wow, nano cap stocks. Getting really into the small companies. I like how you sticked with OTC and Nasdaq-listed companies. I'm not a fan of the pink sheets, just not enough oversight. These companies are the next best thing to startup investing pre-IPO so some great opportunities if you can find them.

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